Thursday, January 19, 2012

conversation hearts

It's no secret . . . I LOVE SWEETS! Seasonal candy is my nemesis for sure. Candy corn . . . candy canes . . . conversation hearts . . . jelly beans . . . . you can bet that I get my fill of these delicious treats during the holiday seasons. I can never seem to get enough done in my art studio (aka the dining room table) tho which also a sweet craving that I have . . . often. I created some unique, fun Christmas ornaments this year to send to friends and family. I also have been creating these conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. I love these little candies and have to read each one as I nibble on them. So I've enjoyed finding unusual words to put on these . . . more to come!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The process of PeAcE . . .

Wow. Has it been since last March since I last posted? Time certainly does pass quickly. I have been in the midst of a creative burst as I prepare for the RECYCLE SANTA FE art show in November. I am quite excited as I have been going to the event for the past four years and marvel at the creativity of those who share their artwork at the show. I am sharing a booth with my new found friend, Darlene. I will post some more about her soon. She makes the most unique jewelry that I'm sure you'll love!
I thought I'd share a little bit about the process I use in creating my "wall peaces" which have been really fun to make. I enjoy the thought of finding something that has been discarded or has been left over from another project and then keeping it for future creative projects. I have a very large collection . . . and it keeps growing! I started with some leftover muslin from a when I was making patterns for a costume. I've used this fabric for many many projects . . . I bought way too much!! It has proven to be a great base for my little "peaces." I also have an affinity for magazines . . . cooking, gardening, art, etc . . . you name it . . . I like to read it! Rather than toss them, I use many of them in my art. You'll soon find how I use them in my next post . . . hopefully not in six months!!
The process of creating these "wall peaces" is like finding peace in my life . . . takes a little bit of patience . . . experimentation . . . and listening to my instincts. Namaste.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where is the pEAcE?

Boy oh boy. I have been sitting here today thinking about all the things in the news these days. We haven't had cable television for over a year now and to be honest . . . we don't miss it. I do however spend more time online reading news stories and more than my fair share of time chatting and/or debating with folks on Facebook or email. It seems we are battling such extreme points of view and the middle ground is fading away. Kind words and deeds have been replaced with jabs and words of hate. I am trying to step back and take it all in but find it to be toxic at times. I enjoy a good debate, learning about other points of view and even agreeing to disagree . . . but I'm growing tired of certain issues and need to release it to a higher power. That's why escaping to my art or my music is of such comfort to my soul. I can focus on the beautiful materials I have to work with and create something unique and special from them. I am an avid "collector" of odds and ends that I hope one day will become part of a work of art. I enjoy the process of going through a box of treasures to find just the right things to use. Endless pleasure! So I am making a promise to myself to spend more time going through my treasures and creating art than scouring through mind-numbing stories dished up by the media. I can't go cold turkey because I like to stay in-the-know but I can promise to lessen my time online and letting certain things go and run their course. It is true what so many say . . . ART SAVES LIVES.
Tell me . . . how is art saving your life?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday, November 28, 2010

adornment of PeAcE

I have been having great fun creating a peace theme ornament this holiday season. There is just so much inspiration out there! I love the messy funky technique that I've created here with fabric, paint and my sewing machine. You could even leave this out for the entire year if you wish to brighten up your workspace or home. If you are looking for unique handmade items to give to your loved ones you'll find so much of what you need and more on ETSY. Truly a marketplace of inspired artisans from all over the world. May this holiday season be one of quiet reflection and PeAce. Namaste.

Monday, October 25, 2010

PeAcEs of LoVe . . .

This post is in memory of my wonderful grandma Irma. She spent 94 years of life on this earth and had a profound influence on my life and and countless others. I have so many fond memories to share like her homemade strawberry jam, Halloween sugar cookies, popcorn balls, melt in your mouth Thanksgiving day stuffing, pecan pie, picking raspberries . . . . you know I am a big food lover and I share her 'sweet tooth!' She was also the kindest person to everyone she met. She had faith in and a love of people that is almost unheard of today. I strive to be a believer of faith in others like she is but I have faltered at times. I did inherit her joy of teaching and am proud to have followed in her footsteps. She was always steadfast in her love and total dedication to her family. Upon our high school graduation all of her beloved grandchildren received a handmade quilt. Mine is a double wedding ring pattern with "peaces" of fabric from many of my cousins and siblings baby clothes and play clothes. It is so beautiful not only because of the bright and colorful fabrics but the love and care that was put into this hand stitched quilt. There is even a blood stain on it which she was hesitant to show me . . . but every time I take it out to look at it I search for it as well as for her signature that she has sewn into the border.
A few days ago I was up in the Sangre de Christo mountains above Santa Fe taking in the scenery and breathing in the crisp fall air. As I looked at the changing colors of the leaves I was reminded of my quilt. The brilliant tapestry of colorful aspen leaves against the pine trees resemble my beautiful quilt. I know she would love this beautiful place where I live. I felt close to my grandmother tho I am hundreds of miles away.
I love you grandma may you rest in peace. Thank you for your love and for your tireless encouragement.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Public display of PeAcE

I have been wanting to approach the owners of Santa Fe Hemp about selling my art for a long while. We have been patrons of the store dozens of times over the years and I can never seem to leave without purchasing something for myself or as a gift. It is a truly unique little store with something for everyone. Recently I did email the owners and they agreed to sell my "Wall PeAcEs" in their shop! I am so excited and sincerely hope this will be a good venture for us!