Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace in the year ahead

I have been away from the world of blogging for a bit. I've changed the name of my blog and am going to be sharing some new things. Not sure if I'll keep up and post daily but I am hoping to share some of my new addictions (aka sweet tooth) to several art mediums new to me and my experience in the later part of 2009. I am still keeping my hands a bit muddy with clay projects but now I find myself washing paint brushes and picking up bits of fabric and thread off the floor. I've discovered that painting can be fun, messy, frustrating, challenging and quite satisfying. I've been messing about with painting on fabric and adding other mixed media. I have found mixed media collage to be fascinating and beautiful. I've been collecting a increasingly growing stack of books on this medium. See my Shelfari selections for some of the most recent books I've been reading and loving.
The two little pieces I've pictured here are my experiments with mixed media. They measure only 2 X 2 1/2" (not including the hangers). I began with a scrap of canvas and after some paint, magazine ephemera, rusty wire and beads . . . here's what I ended up with. Some tiny peace canvases.
I hope all of you can find time to satisfy your artistic sweet tooth. I am so fortunate to have a supportive partner who encourages me to have a go at whatever might artistic eye candy I might be drooling over. I hope this New Year brings peace and great art experiences and experimentation into your life.