Saturday, July 31, 2010

More reuse of materials . . . MIXED MEDIA PeAcE aRt!

I am enjoying my summer vacation with abandon. Finding time during the busy school year is often challenging to create things that feed my artistic sweet tooth. Summer is a time for me to try some new things that have been occupying my thoughts or the scribbles I keep in a notebook that I carry with me. I find it hard to throw things out that I could potential use for my art or as storage for things. These PeAcE pieces are created with scraps of canvas, fabric, cut out letters from magazines, buttons from my junk drawer, leftover bits of paint and twigs that I pick up during our walks along Canyon Road and hikes in the mountains surrounding Santa Fe. I have a few more embellishments to do, photograph each one individually and then list them in my ETSY shop. I hope you are finding time this summer to feed your artistic sweet tooth.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reduce . . . Reuse . . . UP-CYCLE!

I love vintage and antique furniture. I have a house full of great finds to prove it! We bought this chair at an estate sale a few years ago because it had great bones and was a classic design. The fabric was worn, dingy and quite dirty. I was able to give it new life by recovering it in a great Santa Fe style fabric that I found at a second hand store. I even made a coordinating pillow from some denim jean fabric scraps and leftover pieces of the fabric I used to cover the chair. I'm pleased with the results over all. What I'm really pleased with is that this old chair has been given new life. So often we cast things off because they are worn or seen as past their prime. This chair transformation was fun and a way to marry some second hand fabric and a discarded chair for a new purpose in my home.
I'd love to hear about projects you have done like this in your home!