Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PeAcE of mind . . . .

I have been busy with school performances this month . . . only four more to go!! I love my job. This past winter the children of Santa Fe almost lost their art and music programs in the public schools. Lots of support from the community came forth to make a plea to keep the arts alive and their voices were heard. Have you ever wanted to make a plea for a worthy cause and then didn't make or find the time to do so? It felt good for me to make my voice heard for my music students. Not so much for the sake of keeping my job, but for my students who I love and have so much I want to share with them to open their minds and hearts to music.

After all this stress it is great to have my art to come home to and feed my soul. It gives me true peace of mind to have this outlet to express myself and clear out the cobwebs in my mind.

I hope you have found some time to express yourself today!