Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mug Shot

Got coffee? Need an oversized mug for your morning java?? This handbuilt terra cotta mug has an imprint of my own design. I rather like it and like the rustic effect of the different colors of glaze and how they react with the design. You can find this rustic mug in my ETSY shop. :)

Coffee . . . life's blood . . . nectar of the Gods!!  Or a least what gets me through my morning! 
I hope your morning is beautiful, peace-filled and that your coffee is brewing!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The gift of friendship

As you know from following this blog, I am a potter of sorts. Shortly after joining a team of potters on ETSY, I met Teri. We share a similar style of hand building our pieces and a love of texture and color! We've become great friends exchanging tips, suggestions, life stories and most recently we exchanged our work!!  She sent me an email wanting me to create four custom tiles to hang in her studio. I was thrilled to do so. In exchange she made me two fabulous tea bowls which I adore and a wonderful coaster with the word "peace" stamped into it. I am overjoyed and absolutely in love with these pieces of art.  (See the pic above)

I have been most fortunate to have met Teri through ETSY and the ETSY Mud Team. She is a gem and a kindred spirit. I hope one day we actually will get to meet face to face. Watch out!! :)

It is always such a gift to exchange things with loved ones. Exchanging gifts, cards, hugs, peace, and in this case . . . my addiction . . . . POTTERY!!

Check out Teri's ESTY shop called Terraworks . . . you'll love her heart-felt work as much as I do!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Bear Tumblers

Something new from my latest kiln load. (Psst . . . now available in my ETSY shop).  I carved the bear stamp and pressed it into the wet clay. I'm liking the results and might make more things with this image. I love the Native American symbols. The bear stands for courage, strength, protection and life. 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Buddha Peace Tile

I made this tile about a year ago. I had photographed it for my pottery notebook of work I've made and then stuck the tile a drawer. A music teacher friend of mine found it posted in my Flickr photos and asked if it was available. I had completely forgot about it. Now that I look at it I like it but am going to make a few changes. 
It is made of terra cotta clay and hand carved. I have been experimenting with old rusty wire that we found on our property and glass bead. I love mixed media art!
Hope your weekend has been relaxing & peaceful . . . .