Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mug Shot

Got coffee? Need an oversized mug for your morning java?? This handbuilt terra cotta mug has an imprint of my own design. I rather like it and like the rustic effect of the different colors of glaze and how they react with the design. You can find this rustic mug in my ETSY shop. :)

Coffee . . . life's blood . . . nectar of the Gods!!  Or a least what gets me through my morning! 
I hope your morning is beautiful, peace-filled and that your coffee is brewing!


~Babs said...

Oh, I really LOVE this mug!
(almost as much as my coffee)
The hand designing is great,,,originality, shining through!

dmarie said...

beautiful mug, todd...just like you! xo

Graciela Testa Lynt said...

Love the colors and the design! Wonderful work, Todd!

Maithri said...

Beautiful my brother, just beautiful,

I'm in constant amazement at your creativity,

Its a powerful gift,

Love to you and the fam,


Amy Esther said...

Very nice, I like the stamping work you did!

San said...

Grinding the coffee beans, brewing my elixir, inhaling the aroma, then having that first heavenly sip--so much a part of my morning, it's a ritual!

Love the golden interior of your mug, the design, the SCALE.

terraworks said...

Wonderful colors on this mug. AND I know from personal experience that pictures do not do your designs justice!