Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peace on my mind

Have you smiled at a random stranger lately? Opened a door for someone? Offered assistance to someone in need? I have a marvelous group of youngsters in my summer school program. We've been practicing random acts of peace and discussing them each day. Even their parents are coming in to share stories when the drop their children off each morning. I hope they can carry this forward after our last week of camp next week. It has been a pleasure and great fun working with them the past three weeks and shall miss them after our performance next week.
So . . . . can you pay peace forward? Share with me your experiences. Better yet . . . . how did it make you feel?

Monday, June 7, 2010

For Your Inner Goddess

I really enjoy making these prayer flags. I've made so many and people really seem to respond to them. There is just something personal about them that resonates with each of us in a different way. These offer a reminder to celebrate, reflect or just to brighten a place that needs it.