Monday, January 11, 2010

Wooly Booly!

I have fallen into the world of felting sweaters . . . and I can't stop!! I am finding it fascinating and fun! It is such fun to stick a perfectly good merino wool sweater into the washer with soap and hot water then toss it into a hot dryer!! An old baggy wool sweater that has seen it's better days is now toddler size!! Here are a few beginning projects I've made for family and friends. I got the needle felting bug too . . . been buying wool at Oodles here in Santa Fe.
Hope everyone is well, staying warm, loving life and finding peace in your studio.


terraworks said...

OMG Pieface you have done it again!
the real question is... Is there any craft you have not mastered? You are truly a multi-talented individual.
LOVE your scarves and the peace squares... are you going to make a peace quilt? love everything. wonderful and amazing. hey and hes my friend! (puffing up and walking away)

San said...

My SIL sent me a scarf she had knitted for me. Such a snuggly thing.

And that cross design you've come up with is dazzling.