Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fLowEr pOweR!!

Since we moved to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico we have so enjoyed the four seasons that mother nature provides. Each one has it's own beauty and feeling. All seasons in northern New Mexico are glorious and beautiful. This winter in particular has been lovely with abundant snowfall and excellent photo opportunities! I am however anxious for the flowers of spring to arrive. I have been lusting over seed catalogs!!
These magnets are newly listed in my ETSY shop. I am pleased with their cheery color and hope they will brighten somebody's kitchen very soon! In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the charms of winter here in Santa Fe.
I hope you are well.


Kate said...

Great magnets that suit your theme very well!

Mama Shujaa said...

What a lovely idea for magnets! Brilliant. I'm going over to ETSY to shop. We are having snow in March again here in Atlanta, GA...I am ready for Spring.

MeMoe said...

Wow! You've been making a lot of peaceful stuff! Keep it up! :)


~Babs said...

I love your new Spring Flowers Todd,,,the real ones can't be far behind, but until then,,,these are great!

terraworks said...

They are brightening up my kitchen!
yep. I just had to have some of these pretties- and I LOVE them- Beautiful southwest colors and ever so cheerful! Have a great day TODD- as I happen to know today is your BIRTHDAY!

Kate said...

You commented on one of my posts weeks ago that you read McGarrity, too. I just finished ALL twelve novels and have never done that before with any writer. He spins a good yarn altho some of the good people he kills off irritates me so I will send him a fan letter with that info. added!