Monday, October 25, 2010

PeAcEs of LoVe . . .

This post is in memory of my wonderful grandma Irma. She spent 94 years of life on this earth and had a profound influence on my life and and countless others. I have so many fond memories to share like her homemade strawberry jam, Halloween sugar cookies, popcorn balls, melt in your mouth Thanksgiving day stuffing, pecan pie, picking raspberries . . . . you know I am a big food lover and I share her 'sweet tooth!' She was also the kindest person to everyone she met. She had faith in and a love of people that is almost unheard of today. I strive to be a believer of faith in others like she is but I have faltered at times. I did inherit her joy of teaching and am proud to have followed in her footsteps. She was always steadfast in her love and total dedication to her family. Upon our high school graduation all of her beloved grandchildren received a handmade quilt. Mine is a double wedding ring pattern with "peaces" of fabric from many of my cousins and siblings baby clothes and play clothes. It is so beautiful not only because of the bright and colorful fabrics but the love and care that was put into this hand stitched quilt. There is even a blood stain on it which she was hesitant to show me . . . but every time I take it out to look at it I search for it as well as for her signature that she has sewn into the border.
A few days ago I was up in the Sangre de Christo mountains above Santa Fe taking in the scenery and breathing in the crisp fall air. As I looked at the changing colors of the leaves I was reminded of my quilt. The brilliant tapestry of colorful aspen leaves against the pine trees resemble my beautiful quilt. I know she would love this beautiful place where I live. I felt close to my grandmother tho I am hundreds of miles away.
I love you grandma may you rest in peace. Thank you for your love and for your tireless encouragement.


terraworks said...

what a beautiful memento of a wonderful woman. If only we could all leave our mark with such kindness, compassion and love. your memories touch my heart and warm my soul. thank you for sharing~

charity elise said...

such sweetness.

San said...

A beautiful tribute. Both of my grandmothers made quilts and handed them down to me. I treasure them.