Monday, October 13, 2008

Peace Wall

As many of you know I am a music teacher here in Santa Fe. My students have picked up that I am an advocate for peace . . . . I'm not very subtle about it actually. :) My students have been generous in providing me with pictures and notes about peace which I am enjoying very much. We've started a peace wall in my classroom. Here's a glimpse at the start of something beautiful . . . a peace-filled.


San said...

A collaborative peace wall. Todd, that is marvelous. And a cause that so many Santa Fe kids will enjoy. I'll bet your students love you!

I remember when my son was in middle school, one of his first actual dates with a girl was to a peace march on the Plaza.

Meg Wolff said...

Nice that your students are getting involved.

Kate said...

Todd, As a former teacher I know how exciting it can be when your students actually learn something significant. Or learn anything at all. Youngsters have always energized me so I am thrilled to see this spontaneous project.