Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finding Peace

I have an affinity for images of the Buddha.  I find them enchanting . . . calming . . . serene . . . and beautiful.  I have found that surrounding yourself with beautiful things that inspire you and help you relax is important.  Trust me . . . if you came to my home, you'd see I have a lot of wonderful inspiration all around me.  

I have created several tiles with Buddha images on them.  Some are my own creation and some are photographs.  These three tiles are a few of many images that I particularly love.  Each with their own uniqueness and beauty.  The tiles are handmade by myself.  The images are done with a phototransfer process that I am starting to explore.  All three tiles are for sale (of course) in my ETSY shop.

What inspires you??


At The Well Of Providence Blog Spot said...

What a thought-provoking site! I know that working with your favorite creative hobby or art uses the right side of our brain and allows us to detach from the blur of every day living. I must begin piano, explore more in photography, and work more on my scrap book. Thank you Todd for the inspiration! XO, -Preston

Anonymous said...

lovely tiles, particularly the last one... looks like you've got a handle on the phototransfer process

terraworks said...

I love these tiles that you have made! What a nice reflective blog piece.

Maithri said...

Beautiful my brother,

Absolutely beautiful,

Peace and love,


Diana Trout said...

These are just beautiful ... and contemplative. That is why I love Buddha images.

San said...

Pictures of serenity.

I too surround myself with what inspires me. Work by our gallery artists, funky things the kids made when they were little, odd things I've found on various trips. So many objects of inspiration. SO LITTLE SPACE. So, from time to time, I have to clear things out a bit. The empty space is consoling too. The possibilities therein.