Wednesday, July 29, 2009

peace and unique found treasures

I am the finder of lost pennies, rusty bottle caps, unique sticks, rocks and other assorted treasures.  As a child I was always looking down at the ground to find these cast off treasures.  My mom said that someday I'd run into a pole . . . I did once on a family vacation!  
I am enjoying the process of using these fun, funky things in my art, along with my ever growing fabric collection!  However, that is another story and another blog post.
Above is a little piece I created out of a twig that I found on a hike in the Sangre de Christo mountains a few miles from our home here in Santa Fe.  It is a glorious peace-filled place that we love to frequent as often as we can.
The beads are salvaged from another piece of art that met its demise due to our strong spring winds and the peace sign was handcrafted by myself from terra cotta clay.



MAKUstudio said...

Peace to you Todd! I've bumped into a few things myself! Lovely as usual!

~Babs said...

Aaah, I know those mountains,,,glorious!
I too collect all things lost on the ground. Just the other day: A wrapped sterling silver cross earring.Sure to make it's way into an art piece, although I feel badly for the girl who lost it.
Your piece looks great Todd!

San said...

Lovely work, Todd, as always.

Several years ago when I was moving my firstborn into the dorm, I found a twig in the shape of a cross. I took it as a good omen, and to this day, I have it. One of these days I will make something out of it. Or not. It's really beautiful as is.

Maithri said...

Brother Todd,

These are awesome,

I've really missed you my friend,

Sending love and light to you and your family,


MeMoe said...

WOW! So creative and pretty! I think I should make one!