Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where is the pEAcE?

Boy oh boy. I have been sitting here today thinking about all the things in the news these days. We haven't had cable television for over a year now and to be honest . . . we don't miss it. I do however spend more time online reading news stories and more than my fair share of time chatting and/or debating with folks on Facebook or email. It seems we are battling such extreme points of view and the middle ground is fading away. Kind words and deeds have been replaced with jabs and words of hate. I am trying to step back and take it all in but find it to be toxic at times. I enjoy a good debate, learning about other points of view and even agreeing to disagree . . . but I'm growing tired of certain issues and need to release it to a higher power. That's why escaping to my art or my music is of such comfort to my soul. I can focus on the beautiful materials I have to work with and create something unique and special from them. I am an avid "collector" of odds and ends that I hope one day will become part of a work of art. I enjoy the process of going through a box of treasures to find just the right things to use. Endless pleasure! So I am making a promise to myself to spend more time going through my treasures and creating art than scouring through mind-numbing stories dished up by the media. I can't go cold turkey because I like to stay in-the-know but I can promise to lessen my time online and letting certain things go and run their course. It is true what so many say . . . ART SAVES LIVES.
Tell me . . . how is art saving your life?

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