Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The process of PeAcE . . .

Wow. Has it been since last March since I last posted? Time certainly does pass quickly. I have been in the midst of a creative burst as I prepare for the RECYCLE SANTA FE art show in November. I am quite excited as I have been going to the event for the past four years and marvel at the creativity of those who share their artwork at the show. I am sharing a booth with my new found friend, Darlene. I will post some more about her soon. She makes the most unique jewelry that I'm sure you'll love!
I thought I'd share a little bit about the process I use in creating my "wall peaces" which have been really fun to make. I enjoy the thought of finding something that has been discarded or has been left over from another project and then keeping it for future creative projects. I have a very large collection . . . and it keeps growing! I started with some leftover muslin from a when I was making patterns for a costume. I've used this fabric for many many projects . . . I bought way too much!! It has proven to be a great base for my little "peaces." I also have an affinity for magazines . . . cooking, gardening, art, etc . . . you name it . . . I like to read it! Rather than toss them, I use many of them in my art. You'll soon find how I use them in my next post . . . hopefully not in six months!!
The process of creating these "wall peaces" is like finding peace in my life . . . takes a little bit of patience . . . experimentation . . . and listening to my instincts. Namaste.

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Kate said...

About time your returned to posting again! Am anxious to see future photos and to see how you incorporate all the different materials you mentioned. Have a great Sunday!