Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been BLOGGED!

A fellow potter and friend from Bend, Oregon blogged about her excitement surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama.  It was great to read her enthusiastic words and also see my Peace Tile in her blog!! How fun!!
I also was quite excited and emotional about todays celebration. What a wonderful day!  My students were quite interested and energetic about the day also. We were fortunate to have a wonderful parent who set up two big screen televisions and a sound system in our cafeteria for everyone to get a great view and to hear the wonderful music. Very inspiring. :)
You can check out Ceci's blog by clicking on her name!  Be sure to check out her ETSY site too!! 
Thanks for the mention and for your energy, Ceci!!
Peace, hope and promise to everyone.


Karen said...

It was a great and historic day, wasn't it? It holds so much promise. I can't wait to see how things unfold. Great tile, too!

Maithri said...

You've been blogged again!!! ;)

Check out my latest post brother, I speak about you there,

Thanks for being such a presence of peace in my life,


Sylvia K said...

Found you through Maithri's blog and your comments, love your blog and your post.

Meg Wolff said...

Cool to find your peace sign on someone's blog!!

And, yes, what a great day. It was even exciting to watch on TV.

Mama Shujaa said...


I request permission to use your peace tile on a post today, may I?

Mama S.

Todd said...

I would be thrilled!! Sure!!

Mama Shujaa said...

Asante Todd.

~Babs said...

I love this tile, and the energy that abounds! The circle is growing,,,,,,

San said...

You are highly blogable, my friend.

It must have been great to view the ceremony with all of those kids. We delayed opening the gallery to watch it at home.