Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take the Vow

I have been a huge fan of Deepak Chopra for years. After hearing finding out about his appearance on a celebrity talk show, I checked it out. He spoke of taking a vow of non-violence in thoughts, speech and actions. So I went to his website to do so. 

The above pic is of our most recent snowfall here in Santa Fe and was taken by my partner. There is nothing quite like waking up to a fresh blanket of snow. The world is silent and peaceful. I hope you have found some time for peace this weekend and throughout the coming week.


~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Hey Todd, awesome pic! I went to the site and sent it out also..
Have a wonderful week!

Teri said...

That is a wonderful photo out your window! You really did get a lot of snow~
LOVE the Peace forest! Where is that at? I enjoy your blog.

Maithri said...


This is such an awesome post.

First of all the photo is awesome... Perfect!

Secondly I've always loved and deeply respected Dr Chopras work...

Imagine if the world could take this vow... to abstain from violence towards one another...

One thing im curious about.. when he talks about violence in thoughts... does anger count in that?

Thank you for reminding me of the internal work that we need to do in our lives...

to be the change...

Love and blessings of deep peace,


~Babs said...

Beautiful, peace filled view from your window.
May we all be the peace carriers that we CAN be!

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Todd,
I stopped by for a read and then went to Deepak Chopra's site, took the vow, registered, and almost forgot to come back!

It is nice to wake up to a blanket of snow. Peaceful. Especially when the sun is shining.

dmarie said...

hey there...haven't i seen that photo somewhere before?? :)

beautiful! xxoo

Mama Shujaa said...

Habari gani Todd?

Very nice to meet you. Your pieces are soft and beautiful.

The concept of achieving inner peace through pottery resonates deeply with me. I grew up in an art gallery in Kenya. During some tumultous political times (which seems to be an ever present condition in many countries), we had many visiting refugee artists, mostly from Uganda. One was a very talented potter. We all learned a lot from him; you've stirred up my memories, I'll have to post a story on him sometime.

I'm thankful to Maithri for the introducing us.

upendo na amani,

Mama Shujaa