Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peace Baby

Hi everyone!
As you know I am a pottery addict . . . a verified junkie. I have collected pottery for years and years and during the past few years I have began to take pottery classes at Santa Fe Clay. It has fueled my passion even more. This past year I became a seller on ETSY which is a wonderful place to purchase beautifully handcrafted arts and crafts from all over the world. There are thousands of gifted artists and crafters there.  I joined a team of potters from around the world. We talk daily in a forum exchanging stories, tips and humor (a lot of humor). Several times a year we have challenges and this is truly when we see the true talent of each member. This challenge is called the Sweetheart Vase Challenge. Each vase is to have a Valentines Day theme. I hope you will take a moment and vote for your favorite!!  Please click on the ETSY Mud Team Shop and click on the one you like best. You will be rewarded with a 25% off coupon for wares in our Mud Team shop.  VOTE HERE!
Have fun and enjoy looking at the entries!!


Sylvia K said...

I loved all the vases, but have to admit yours was my favorite!

Maithri said...


Yours is easily the best... by far...no comparison ;)

Peace and love,


Karen said...

Love this vase! I'm a real fan of mixing materials - you did a great job!

~Babs said...

That was easy.
One other got my attention,but yours earned my vote. That twig handle is an awesome addition!

Dianne said...

one or two others called to me but yours was wonderful

I love that it is a wall vase as I have little table space and 2 overly curious cats - even by cat standards they are far too nosy and have no respect for a flower's right to exist :)

and the peace symbol is so lovely

Tessa said...

Maithri is absolutely right! I love the simple organicness (is that a word?) of your vase. It is truly lovely...a treasure.

San said...

Your sweetheart vase? One word: SWEET.

linda said...

the twig handle made me swoon~

and I can hang it on a wall instead of finding a table surface... wonderfully creative piece!

Puanani503 said...

Love your vases, they're cute.
saw your beautiful piece through
Mama Shujaa's blog..Have an
awesome day!

Mama Shujaa said...


I'm so glad I came by in time to vote! I've been under the weather...

I love your Peace Babies!!!!

Mama Shujaa.

dmarie said...

so beautiful, my peace-full friend! i love your creative soul!! xxoo