Friday, July 11, 2008

50 Ways

50 Ways to build peace by Laurie Phillips of Dorset, England.

I had a copy of this poster in my classroom when I was a teacher. I always challenged my students to pick one thing a week from the poster and practice it. That is my challenge to you . . . . pick one thing from this list for the day, the weekend or for next week. Let it guide your thoughts, your actions and your mindfulness. Peace to you and yours on this fabulous Friday!


MeMoe said...

Hi Mr. Hansen!

I really like your blog, and I'm glad you like mine! I also admire (and always have) how you focus many things on peace. Peace is good. Just like wood. Wood is good.

How is your new school in Santa Fe? I miss you being the music teacher here at HHES. The new music teacher here is weird. And Fifth grade doesn't get music class! That's upsetting to me.

Peace out Mr. Hansen!

juliek said...

One of my favorite posters...and you posted it on my birthday :) I love it!