Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thoughts are like arrows . . .

This post is a shout out for my dear friend, Julie. I'm sending positive thoughts across the desert to you. Remember . . . red wine is rich in antioxidants . . . good for stressful times. Cheers! :)

"Thoughts are like arrows; once released, they strike their mark."
- Navajo proverb


donna said...

i love your blog! i am thinking of julie, too...

tmusichans said...

Thank you my dear friend!! You too can blog!! :)
Hugs to you across the desert!

Mirtha Facundo said...


¿Dónde fue tomada la foto?

La semana pasada viajé a Cerro de Pasco (Perú), y por la pampa de Junín se ve este paisaje.

¡Muy bonita fotografía!


Mirtha Facundo

tmusichans said...

Hi Mirtha,
This photo was taken near Abiquiu, New Mexico. This area was made famous by the artist Georgia O'Keefe.
Thanks for stopping by!