Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Start World Peace

Tonight is a departure from sharing my pottery experiences. I took this pic last summer when I visited Madrid, New Mexico. It is a fun, funky little town south of Santa Fe. A "don't miss" if you are in the area. This banner caught my attention as soon as I got into town and had to snap a pic. Because of the popularity of the banner, there are now different sized banners for sale in town as well as a line of cards. Guess I need to take a road trip down to get myself a box of cards! Check out the website and the next time you are in Santa Fe, take a side trip to Madrid.
What brings peace to you?

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skinnylittleblonde said...

to answer your question, so much brings to me...but really I do find peace inside and in moments of distraction or moments of weakness, sometimes I allow the outside world or real-time circumstances to chide away at that peace. Lol, perhaps my sisters latest picture sums it up best.