Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Gift of Kindness

I am returning to teaching this year and want to encourage my students to share the gift of kindness with the people around them. I came across this site and it is just too great not to share. Great stories and ideas for you to share with people you spend time with. Check out The Gift of Kindness and start sharing today!


Kim said...

Todd, I found your blog through Babs at Off the Wall Art! What a lovely blog you have going here. I know I am going to have great fun exploring and will learn a lot.

You mentioned "The Gift of Kindness" in this post, and I am heading there after this comment. I also thought you might be interested in a book I felt was the best one I read in 2007. It is called, "The Power of Kindness" by Piero Ferrucci.

Thank you again for a lovely blog. I look forward to visiting often.

tmusichans said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! Always on the look for a great read! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Todd in Santa Fe

peace princess said...

hey cutie,
i love that're my guru!! xxoo

Karen said...

Congrats on going back to teaching! We need more kind-hearted people like you teaching today's kids. Katie dyed the front of her hair purple - looks awesome! I'll be seeing Debbie tomorrow, I'll tell her you said hi. Still catching up on things - I'm not used to working yet, but AU is next week - yea!