Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comfort Food

There is nothing like a favorite dinner to comfort your hunger and your soul at the end of a busy day. This is one of my favorite soup recipes called Mexican Zucchini Soup or Calabacitas. Here is it in one of my over-sized bowls. One good thing about this recipe is that we can eat it for two days . . . . it's even better the second day!



Well that bowl is fabulous, as is all your dinnerware, but that soup looks SO wonderful.I'm wondering if it's at all like tortilla soup.
Cooler temps and your soup make me feel like cooking!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. Soup looks so much more delicious in a handmade bowl. :) Will you be posting the soup recipe or maybe a link to one?
All the best

San said...

YUM. I love calabacitas, Todd. And that's one yummy bowl too. It would make any recipe look delicious.

peace princess said...

i've made your recipe many times...it's a favorite around here. but...not cool enough for soup in phoenix yet! your bowl and soup look beautiful!