Saturday, August 2, 2008

Peace Tile

I bought this tile from ceramic artist Kathleen Koltes when we toured the studios in Eldorado in May. Eldorado is a lovely area just south and east of Santa Fe. I love this tile and also her other work. Kathleen's tiles were features in the wonderful book 500 Tiles. I pass by this tile every morning on my way down to fetch my morning cup of coffee. I hope you are all enjoying a peace-filled weekend . . . and a great cup of the beverage of your choice! Cheers!



A wonderful, serene piece.
I'm wondering, if you visit the blog:

This is San Meridith,owner of a downtown Sante Fe Gallery. She's a wonderful, funny,creative gal with a super interesting blog. Check her out if you haven't already.


tmusichans said...

Thanks for the blog recommendation! Love her paintings.