Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I love every aspect about working with clay. The way it feels in your hands . . . the smell . . . watching it develop from a ball of mud into something you can use on a daily basis, a complement to your home decor or something lovely that speaks to you. One of my favorite things is to paint many different colors of underglazes (paint) on the clay and then gently sand to reveal the different layers. I tend to gravitate towards things with lots of character and layers that reveal a bit of their soul. It is my hope that my pottery speaks to the people who buy it or that receive it as a gift.



A very interesting shape to this piece Todd.
Love how you speak about the feel of the materials,,,,I can relate, though I haven't played in mud since I was a kid. It's on my "to do" list.
Do your pieces have a gloss or matte finish,,,or do you do both?

Todd said...

This piece has a gloss glaze. I am experimenting with mixing glazes to get a satin matte that is still "food safe" for my low fire pieces.

I love mud . . . much like you love the tools you use in your lovely pieces!