Friday, August 15, 2008

Plate of Plenty

I have been making tableware for us. This is one of my dinner plates. It's BIG, measuring over 12 inches across! I like to use a textured stamp for decoration and then paint several layers of contrasting underglaze (paint) on the piece. Then I lightly sand to reveal different layers of paint. Tonight's pot roast tasted great on it!
There is great satisfaction creating something you can eat or drink out of. :)
I hope you've all had a peaceful end to your work week and have something relaxing planned for the weekend.


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Tod, that is a gorgeous plate,,and I'm sure it sits beautifully on some lovely rescued table.

I vote make lots of your Garden Angels,,,and hope your Etsy is doing well!

peace princess said...

ooh...gorgeous!!! you are soo talented.

Amy Esther said...

Love that design in the center - is it stamped or carved?