Saturday, September 6, 2008

Viva Mariachi!

Mariachi Buenaventura is based out of Santa Fe, NM and has been together for about three years. This group of lovely young women has the distinction of being the only female mariachi group in Santa Fe. They have a large following here and once you hear them you will understand why. Mariachi Buenaventura will be touring in Europe during July 2008. They were invited to back up a choir from Cuahutemoc, Mexico at the World Choir Games held in Graz, Austria. I don't speak or understand a lot of Spanish but I sure enjoy listening to their music. They express so much joy in their music-making that I become mesmerized by their performance. You can check out their MySpace at Mariachi Buenaventura.

Viva Mariachi Buenaventura!

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