Friday, September 12, 2008

Peace at the end of the work week

This one of my first tiles that I made when I began this journey into the addicting world of working with clay! I'd like to think my work has evolved since then. Whether it has or not . . . . it is the journey that I am enjoying.
I hope this finds you all well at the end of the work week. I find something gratifying about being tired at the end of the day. Glad, however, that I have the weekend to recharge, reflect and re-energize myself for teaching next week.


peace princess said...

i have that tile and i love it! it's on my kitchen counter with a little candle on beautiful.


There's that word re-charge again. It is SO descriptive. So important.
And so is that tile,,,,I think your work has been super from the start,,,what you've shown us certainly has been!

San said...

Todd, I hear you about the gratification of feeling tired at the end of a good, productive day. It's like the pleasant ache of muscles when you've worked out just enough. A reminder to be in one's body.

And yes, there's that need to be replenished. Hope your work week is off to a great, charged start after your reflective weekend.