Monday, September 15, 2008

Marigold Peace Chains

These lovely strands of garland were made by some local artists who sell their lovely wares at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market. I always admire them when I pass by. If you look closely they have a handmade bead from Bolivia between each flower. I have thought about making these myself but I never seem to get to my marigold plants until the blooms are spent and gone to seed. The artists Bryan and Victoria Adams have wonderful rustic pieces that are handmade for your home and garden. It is so soothing to have beautiful things around you. I love natural rustic pieces and may have to purchase one of these Marigold Peace Chains sometime in the future.


San said...

Those are really beautiful, Todd. I too enjoy rustic things.

The new setting for the Farmers Market is so perfect. Bennie and I walked around the new Railyard Park Saturday evening. It's still a work in progress, but such an important addition to our town.


I suppose the flowers dry and become permanent? How cool!