Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Mexico Sunset Bowl

I made this bowl a while back (it's is listed in my ETSY store). I was inspired by the crystal clear blue skies here in New Mexico. I am constantly amazed by the gorgeous blue skies here. The sunsets here are spectacular. I make it a point to look out my window each night to see the colors of the sky at sun down. Take some time soon to enjoy the sunset. It's such a lovely time of day for reflection and finding your peace.


pat's pottery said...

WOW Tod!!
This bowl is wonderful:>)
I do enjoy the sunsets. I live on a golf course in S. Florida and my sliding glass window looks right over it.

Anniebeth said...


I found your site through Meg's site. I took a pottery class at a local community college in Florida and we did raku. They had a wood structure outside that housed the kiln for the raku. It was a night class and we did the firing on a night in October. There was a cool breeze blowing, a full moon, a sky full of stars, and soft meditative music coming from a yoga class in an adjacent classroom. All that mixed with the white hot heat from the kiln and then the rush of heat and flame as you set the heated raku pieces into the little pots filled with leaves and twigs. All that mixed together was just like a primal experience and a night I will never forget.

I really enjoyed that class and I agree, there is just something about working with clay. I wonder if I can find a class like that here in Arizona. I will have to look into it. I love the pieces that you are creating!

San said...

That is beautiful. It does feel like New Mexico feels. Earth meets sky meets enchantment.